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​South Bay Truck Tops is home to the best selection of Camper Shells, Tonneau Covers, and Truck Accessories available.






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Camper Shells

We offer Truck Tops with Dynamic new designs and frameless curved glass that give any truck a stylish look its owner desires. The new rotary locking latch systems assure cargo safety while also allowing us to add the convenience of a keyless entry system for just dollars more. Holding strict standards enables us to deliver what no other truck top business can.

Folding Cover

Need to install a tonneau fast? The HF350M doesn’t even require tools. And it’s dent-resistant, keeping your valuable load safe. It sounds too good to be true, which may be the best part - because it isn’t.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers have dramatically increased in popularity, and rightfully so because they give the convenience of a camper shell without compromising the streamlined look of the truck body. Selection is essential, and South Bay Truck Tops has all of the style and model choices to accommodate any lifestyle. Our Sales Team makes sure to match OEM truck paints precisely.